Hi! name’s Aidil [ide’al]
UX Designer + Researcher based in Brisbane and Singapore.

I am passionate about research, understanding people’s behavior, and striving to create intuitive and user-friendly experiences that cater to diverse needs and preferences. Providing insightful data to empathize with users and enabling better decisions for business growth.

My expertise or superpower

User Research

Experienced in employing a range of research methodologies, including qualitative and quantitative approaches, to address complex problems and drive informed decision-making.

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Experienced in building and managing research infrastructure, including participant recruitment, data management, and collaboration platforms, to facilitate seamless research execution.

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UX Analysis

Skilled in data analysis, interpretation, and visualization to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations.

Managing coding and tagging on Research Repository tool.

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My past collaboration.


UX Research

Daily Addict Australia

UX Research


IKEA Australia

UX Research


The amazing people I’ve worked together with

Supervisor In Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Dr. Bernd Ploderer

On a personal level, I very much enjoyed working with Aidil. I know that I can rely on Aidil’s skill and dedication, and that he will take on advice and work out solutions.

UX Designer in Smartabase

Jacob Gao

Aidil approached problem spaces with a can-do attitude when we work together on a core product, the amazing design deliverable cannot set a high bar without his well-thought-out research collaboration.

UX Mentor during Harness Project

Kenneth Wong

Aidil’s greatest strength is his innate curiosity and drive to learn. He was constantly sharing resources he discovered with the rest of his group. He is a team player.

UX Manager in Smartabase

Tina Hsu

Aidil’s aptitude for learning is second to none. He absorbs knowledge and information at rapid rate and is reliable and excellent to work with. He also brings an incredible gentle and calm energy to the team. His ability to think deeply and self-reflect is his superpower.

Software Engineer in Hackathon

Mitchell Browne

I first worked with Aidil as part of the Sydney #StayHomeHack. During the hackathon he was responsive, thoughtful and really drove the prototyping, user flow modelling and overall feel of our web project.

Engineering Manager In Teamworks

Cameron Stevenson

Aidil is incredibly persistent and hardworking. He performed extensive discovery research and user journey mapping for a cohesive “self service” Integrations product. I greatly valued his insightful method of translating research into design outcomes.

UX Designer work together freelance

Zihao Huang

Aidil is an exceptional UX Designer. Highly knowledgeable in user experience and visual design and focuses on delivering results rather than just making things look good.

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