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This freelance project with Daily Addict Australia span across 3 months. The main goal of this project was to discover the target audience for Daily Addict Australia. With a focus on uncovering valuable insights in the content used by Daily Addict and providing them with a content recommendation to move forward to best engage with their audience and encouraging repeat visits.

Australia, SydneyAug ’20 – Oct ’20Google Form, Askable, Miro, Slack, Zoom and Otter.aiUser Interview, User Flow, Journey Mapping, Thematic Analysis.



Daily Addict is changing ownership. To provide insights that can be used for consideration in their future content strategy.


  • Is Daily Addict still relevant to their target audience?
  • Are the content categories currently used on the site correct for this audience?
  • What can be learnt from how these users consume content?
  • Is there an article structure that would be better suited for increased engagement, readability and repeat visits?
  • What types of content is resonating with their audience on social?


I conducted the kick-off meeting with the new stakeholder business owner. The requirement gathering covered understanding future goals, current business problem, business outcomes, target users & customers and benefits.

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I came up with three hypotheses to validate my assumption from the requirement gathering,

  1. Content posts are likely targeted at older people who enjoy reading in their spare time and is not catered towards younger audiences who have busy lives.
  2. The current DA audience has transitioned away from the young single female. Married women are into the content by DA.
  3. Categories provided by DA is limited and does not target the actual audience.


My research method will follow the double diamond design model. It consists only of the discovering phase and defining phase.

The discovery phase consists of setting up online surveys, utilizing Askable, conducting online user interview accompanied by content testing and card sorting.

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A profiling survey is created using Google Forms to determine who the users are. On top of that, I utilized the Askable recruitment service to help understand the demographics of the lifestyle blog’s user base and included filtering question to narrow my user base.

37 responses from the google form survey differ on the websites they used to get the latest news, restaurants, reviews. Other lifestyle blogs such as Time out, Urban List and Broadsheet were ranked the highest – different forms of methods such as search engine and social media websites were listed as their preferred website.

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Perhaps more significant, though, they were more negative feedback than positive even for the websites mentioned above. They were insightful experience which can help improve the experience for a general lifestyle blog review like Daily Addict.

The askable recruitment provided me to connect and filter participant recruitment from the 67 responses. 35 participants said they were married or in a relationship, and those were between the age of 25 to 59. This links back to my hypothesis that the Daily Addict audience has transitioned away from the young single female towards female who are married or in a relationship.


Through the filtering process, I selected three participants to interview. They were two activities in the interview. The first part consists of asking a set of more in-depth questions on their usage of lifestyle blogs, and the second part consists of an activity task, which includes card sorting and content testing.


Card Sorting was conducted to understand how users think and associate things by groups. I required users to organize the order of what makes sense from their perspective. The articles were taken from different lifestyle blogs including Urban List, Broadsheet, Mum central & Daily Addict. The topic ranges from tech, family, travel, restaurant reviews & things to do.


Content Testing was conducted to understand how suitable the content is for the audience. Two articles from Daily Addict were picked out. They were under the category of restaurant and technology review. The content testing feedback throughout the 3 participants was proven to be positive.

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After the interviews, I transcribed them on otter.ai. Using the transcription, I transferred them over to Miro Board to create artefacts.

A few artefacts were created to assist with project deliverables. Including affinity mapping and customer journey map. This will help communicate with Daily Addict stakeholders document work, and provide artifacts for meetings and ideation sessions

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Some of the key findings that were discovered during the research:-

  1. Weekly Habits: 21% of the people I surveyed mentioned that they used lifestyle blogs weekly, which corresponds with the P1 & P2 participants who used lifestyle blog on a weekly basis to find out what to do during the weekends –
  2. Social Media: All 3 participants use social media on a daily basis following lifestyle blogs such as Timeout, Urban List and Daily Addict on their own social media accounts.
  3. Target Audience has shifted: The demographics from the proposed target audience have proven to shift. Adventurous females who are married or in a relationship have used lifestyle blog.


I presented my findings to the stakeholder and cross-check the hypothesis that was tested during the research. I shared these discoveries and many others in users weekly habits, social media platform and shift in the target audience. I also recommend them the solution they could take to drive towards increasing engagement on the Daily Addict Australia website.