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Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, I’ve had the opportunity to delve into freelance work. While it isn’t a full-time commitment, I find immense satisfaction in leveraging my expertise in UX research, analysis, and now, providing smaller startups with ResearchOps solutions.

Working on smaller projects and collaborating with startups or organizations that require UX research and ideation not only fulfils me professionally but also allows me to make a tangible impact in supporting their growth and success.

Visit my Now page to check on what I’m working on now 🙂

UX Research

5+ Years



1 NN/g


UX Analysis




Select the perfect plan tailored just for you

Project freelancer

The best option for your personal or design research project

$60 AUD / $50 SGD

  • Price is fixed set per hour
  • Provide me a brief of the research project
  • I’ll collaborate with you to achieve the desired outcomes, but there won’t be any recurring meetings

Specialist Contract

Engage me as an advisor to temporarily integrate into your team.

$500 – $650 AUD

  • Price is set fixed per day
  • Join your team for a set period of time
  • I will attend the recurring meetings
  • Based in Australia only

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