I’m currently on the hunt for new opportunities in Brisbane, Singapore or Remote.

Now: It’s 2024; I’ve been UX certified by Nielson Norman Group (NN/g), taking other UX research courses – Jobs to be done. I’m working as a UX designer/researcher freelance – working on a project with a group of friends called; Satay El – a POS system, Qasida Collection, multiple clients and BigFundr.

Hi there! I’m Aidil, pronounced [ide-al]—a UX design researcher based in the sunny city of Brisbane, Australia, originally from Singapore. 

With over 5 years of experience in UX, possessing a strong foundation in UX research and holding a masters in User Experience. My expertise extends to employing a diverse range of research methods ensuring a comprehensive approach to understanding user needs and behaviors 

How I got here

My journey into UX began during my IT diploma in 2013 when I delved into Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Initially, I didn’t realize the vast opportunities in this field, but a few years later, during my degree, I found myself taking on the role of UX designer for a group project. That experience immersed me in the world of UX, sparking my interest and commitment to the discipline. I further enhanced my skills by completing several online certifications during my undergraduate studies and eventually pursued and earned my postgraduate degree in UX in 2019. 

Over the years, I’ve had some fantastic experiences working in start-ups, digital agencies, education, and non-profit organizations.

My previous role

In my previous job, I had a blast at a Sports IT company, where I got to be creative in designing athlete management systems for mobile and tablet devices. Plus, I played a crucial role in the new Integration team making sure data from different devices smoothly joined forces in our systems.

Other stuff

Outside work, I enjoy diving into new knowledge, staying active with workouts – Calisthenics , and immersing myself in books and learning new and trying out new things. On the language front, I can converse in English, Malay, and Arabic. Sometimes, I daydream about having a ‘Matrix’-style knowledge plug for instant downloads, but deep down, I appreciate the journey of striving and persisting in learning. It’s a bit like a paddy seed—getting heavier and humbling itself along the way.‍